Nonprofit Development & Management

Solving Your Nonprofit Development & Management Needs

As professional nonprofit consultants and certified grant writers, we provide full-service fundraising to grow your organization’s bottom line. Our services will help you compete for funding from institutional, government, and individual investors. As “inside consultants”, we make ourselves a part of the organization’s team, attend board meetings, lead committee meetings, and work with volunteers interested in advancing your organization’s development mission. 

Fundraising Campaign Organization & Management

We combine our decades of experience raising millions of dollars with our commitment to tailored strategies to design and implement capital campaigns, endowment campaigns, and feasibility and planning studies.

Resource Development & Capacity Building

Not only do we help you meet and exceed your goals, we leave your organization stronger and position you to continue driving results beyond one single engagement. Our offerings include strategic plans, prospect strategy, gift packaging, wealth screening, leadership development, and training and facilitation.

Strategic Planning

At the base of every successful organization is a solid strategy that leverages assets to benefit the community. We work with organizations to determine objectives for the future, combining the findings from our assessments of performance and market opportunities with our knowledge of industry best practices. We also define a clear and robust implementation plan, including decisions about program priorities, product development, organizational structures, and revenue strategies.

Donor Prospecting, Identification, Research, & Appraisals

Your organization needs a prospective donor base sufficient to support its fundraising goals. Jon Thomas Consulting will work with your development staff to conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your existing donor database and help you identify, connect with and uncover the capacity of a prospective donor pool. We will systematically and methodically discuss your top prospects on an individual basis, prioritize individual prospects based on specific criteria and determine appropriate gift solicitation amounts and strategic approaches for each prospect.

Event Planning & Special Event Management

We will help you plan and implement auctions, charity runs, art events, sports exhibitions, luncheons, and black-tie galas while maintaining cost efficiency and leveraging greater returns on resources.

Staffing and Personnel Development

Interim Staffing

JTC interim staffing offers you a team of professionals with direct fundraising experience, ready to roll up their sleeves alongside you to solve your organization’s greatest fundraising challenges.

Hire your ideal candidate.
Rushed searches can create additional turnover that wastes time, resources, and fundraising momentum. Interim staffing maintains the critical functions of vacant positions, allowing for a thorough search process and a seamless onboarding for your new hire.

Board, Volunteer & Staff Fundraising Training

We will help you empower your leadership volunteers through customized resource development training that includes best practices in fundraising, a “back-to-basics” look at Board functions and fundraising, strategies for engaging in fundraising, how your organization measures up to peers in fundraising, a discussion that energizes your Board, staff, and volunteers to identify specific ways they can actively participate in fundraising.

Grant Writing

Grant Writing Contracts

Jon Thomas Consulting is a full-service consulting firm. Our unparalleled experience enables us to understand the strategic steps necessary for every client’s success. The JTC approach provides clients with the capacity and confidence to achieve immediate goals and to pursue lasting institutional transformation.

We will research, prepare and draft grant submissions while helping you build relationships with funders and enhance your organization’s visibility within the funding community. We will track the progress of proposals and conduct in-depth research of other foundation, corporate and public funding opportunities.

Marketing and Communications


We provide marketing solutions with one goal in mind: maximizing impact. Our analytics and measurement teams analyze program outcomes to enable our clients to communicate their impact and continuously learn from program approaches.

We also offer custom services. Send us message to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

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