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Smart strategy. Detailed execution.

JTC specializes in legislative and executive lobbying, political consulting, grassroots advocacy, coalition building, public relations, and crisis communication. Our lobbying and government relations services help turn your policy agenda into guidance, regulation, bills, or laws. We can help you accomplish your agenda in meetings on Capitol Hill, in Federal agencies, and within the advocacy community. Our professionals can brief and even train your organization’s staff and members to be the most effective advocates possible. With a combined 50 plus years of experience in government affairs, we offer a level of expertise and institutional knowledge of government and politics on local, state, and federal levels across the United States. 

Targeted, results-oriented advocacy is critical to advancing policy and legislative agendas. JTC helps you create strategic advocacy plans that maximize organizational strengths and capabilities and prepares you to be an effective voice in Washington.

We help develop goals and provide the ongoing support needed to accomplish those goals. We cultivate and manage strategic partnerships and coalitions. We help national, state, and local partners bring ideas to the right Federal policy decision-makers through opportunities to testify and to have a seat at the table for key meetings. We also help apply creative, effective advocacy strategies at the state and local levels. From developing high-level, compelling messages to supporting your organization’s events, JTC provides solutions to your increasingly complex advocacy challenges.

At JTC, lobbying and government relations are more than making policy changes and securing funding. We build and cultivate lasting relationships. We are known for focusing on the details and using our deep knowledge of Federal policy to target specific legislation. We use our unmatched experience and expertise to help conduct smart, strategic outreach to key policymakers. Our representation helps turn your policy goals into statutes enacted by Congress and regulations implemented by the executive branch. We also prepare and customize information on legislative, regulatory, and other matters coming before Congress and the Administration.

Our clients consist of Fortune 500 companies, associations, and advocacy groups that span across all aspects of the public and private sectors. JTC has assisted its clients to adapt to their rapidly changing business/industry environments.


Federal Government Relations

Whether you need to connect with influencers on Capitol Hill or across the federal government, having a bipartisan team that can advocate on your behalf with members of Congress, congressional staff, and the executive branch is essential to shaping the policies that matter. Our diverse practice areas include health care, energy, appropriations, financial services, transportation, tech and telecommunications, tax, trade, agriculture, and natural resources.

State and Local Government Relations

The JTC team has vast experience outside the Beltway, combining state government experience, campaign expertise, and decades of involvement with key stakeholders throughout the country. We have worked not only with many state legislative bodies but also with many of the country’s sitting governors and attorneys general and their respective member organizations.

This experience, combined with our grassroots advocacy, can help you gather intelligence on state-level interests that impact your bottom line, your stakeholders, and your decisions.

Public Affairs

Strategic Communications

JTC helps our clients craft the strongest and most compelling messages, devise smart communications strategies, and earned, social and owned media efforts to get their message in the public domain, engage the right audiences, and influence public opinion.

JTC also helps clients navigate crises, build brand awareness, and plan for the future. We work hand-in-glove with your government relations strategy, help bring credible and influential voices into the debate to ensure your organization is leading the national conversation about the policies that impact your world.

Government Procurement

The procurement of goods and services from the public sector is a massive public expenditure, totaling nearly a trillion dollars at the federal level and billions of dollars on most state levels. JTC’s knowledge of the government procurement process, tracking of opportunities, and understanding of the objectives of policymakers gives our clients a substantial edge. We invest time educating ourselves about our clients’ products and services so that we can recognize opportunities and take ideas to policymakers. Our goal is to inform the client, educate the purchaser, and secure success.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is not just a buzzword but an ethos in building long term relationships through events, speaking opportunities, executive positioning, original research, and thoughtful analysis. We believe these pieces make up effective thought leadership that moves past transactional relationships to position a company, trade association, or executive with the right leaders inside Washington but also across the country.

Crisis Communications

Preparation is key when it comes to an organization’s ability to effectively handle a crisis. JTC provides organizations experiencing a crisis with a complete understanding of the media and public opinion landscape. We can respond quickly to changing dynamics across multiple platforms, and act as a strategic partner through near and long-term challenges, helping our clients shift quickly back to a proactive communications footing.


Coalition Creation and Management

JTC has a proven reputation for creating and managing coalitions that deliver results in a constantly changing political environment. Through customized, outside-in strategies, we build and manage effective coalitions that serve to unify voices and ensure that the coalition’s policy objectives are a top priority.

Whether the coalition stands alone as a 501(c)(4) or a more informal collaboration between corporations, trade associations, and policy experts, JTC will develop and form the system of governance, create the brand and messaging structure, and ensure that all legal and financial infrastructure is established. We will plan and execute all aspects of the coalition launch from the website and social media platforms, to determining the targeted audience, initial coalition partner recruitment, media engagement, and can even identify a national spokesperson.

For coalitions that we manage, we are skilled in creating strong and regular engagement of individual members to keep the coalition robust and focused on a common policy goal. We identify and develop important allies, and make sure that all messaging and organizational activities are properly coordinated and timed for maximum impact.

Grassroots and Grasstops

When you need every voice to support your position, you need a team that can identify, engage, and inspire public participation.

Our grassroots philosophy is grounded in the belief that every voice matters – and we know how to bring these voices into the conversation, from the ground up.

JTC Partners’ grassroots advocacy practice designs and delivers strategy-driven advocacy solutions. Cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it for us – we develop a targeted and tailored strategy for every client and campaign.

Everyone has a story. By harnessing the power of their advocates, we make sure our clients can tell theirs.

We also offer custom services. Send us message to set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

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